Sunday, February 26, 2012

“Politics of Confrontation” Has Put Nation Into Serious Political Crisis: WP

Politics of confrontation of the two big political parties has thrown the country into a serious political crisis, leaders of Workers Party of Bangladesh (WP) said here Saturday.

They said the Awami League led government has failed to rein in prices of essential commodities and fulfill the hopes and desires of the country's people.

The leaders of WP &ndash a partner of the Awami League-led ruling Grand Alliance, were addressing a rally held to push for their 10-point demand at the Mahanagar Natyamancha. 

About 20,000 workers and leaders of Workers Party from all over the country attended the rally.

The WP leaders further noted that the government has also been unsuccessful in solving the daily crises in the lives of the people and in controlling the law and order.

"Abolition of non-party caretaker system for holding acceptable parliamentary elections has aggravated the political crisis," declared WP President Rashed Khan Menon MP.

Menon called for introduction of a non-party interim government for holding a free, fair and acceptable Parliamentary Elections participated by all political parties. "Parliamentary Election under the ruling party would not be acceptable to all," the WP President warned.

Chairing the rally, Menon requested the ruling AL to take the initiative for adopting an acceptable framework of a non-party interim government - in consultation with all political parties - for holding a free, fair and acceptable Parliamentary Election.

Menon also requested the main opposition BNP to return to Parliament and place its formula on non-party interim government.

Identifying the GoB's choice for rental power production as the cause of deteriorating economy, WP President said excessive expenditure on rental power system has compelled the government to borrow huge amount of money from banks which in turn has put the economy under great strains.

Anisur Rahman Mollick GS of the party blamed the AL-led government for deviating from the 23-point programme on which the Awami League led Alliance was forged before the 2008 parliamentary polls.

He criticised the regime for retaining state religion in the Constitution.

Mollick asked the government to take up the issue of Tipaimukh Dam with New Delhi so that neighbouring India abandons the idea of building the controversial dam.

He also asked the government to take up the Teesta sharing issue to get due share of water of the international river.

Besides, the WP leaders also criticised government's failure to stop border killings by BSF and serving the interest of the wealthy by following the prescriptions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Found.

Declining to take responsibility for failures of this government, the leaders declared to launch a movement against government's failures saying that the alliance with the ruling AL was threatening the very existence of WP.

The workers of nationalised jute mills would go on a 48-hour strike beginning 28 February, they informed.

Politburo members Bimal Biswas, Nurul Hasan, Fazle Hossain Badsha, Hafizur Rahman Bhuiya, Safiuddin Ahmed, Ikbal Kabir Zahid, Hazera Sultana, Quamrul Ahsan and Nur Ahmed Baku also spoke on the occassion.

WP Central Committee leader Manoj Saha readout the 10-point Demand before the rally.

He also announced a series of programmmes, WP would organise up to April.

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