Thursday, October 11, 2012

Deadly conspiracy of Destiny fraudsters in Bangladesh

After swindling billions of dollars from around seven million people, masterminds of fraudulent multi level marketing racket has undertaken a deadly plan of visibly blackmailing the government by mobilizing a few thousand cadres in going into violent actions on the streets of the capital city, demanding dropping of all charges against the absconding masterminds of Destiny Tree Plantation Limited and Destiny Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited. The absconding masterminds of the MLM fraud racket are Lt Gen [Retired] Harunur Rashid, Mohammad Rafiqul Amin, Alhaj Mohammad Hossain, Sayeedur Rahman, Gofranul Haque, Mesbah Uddin Swapan etc. Although they are absconding for almost two weeks, none of the law enforcement agencies in the country are showing any genuine willingness of arresting any of them as the fraudsters are backed by an influential advisor to the Prime Minister, who also is one of the share holders and beneficiaries of these huge fraudulent enterprises. It is learnt that, previously by using the influence of the advisor to the PM, Destiny masterminds managed bail from a lower court, which was later cancelled, as issuance of bail by the lower court into money laundering case was not permitted.

While the masterminds of the fraudulent Destiny Group are visibly allowed to be "absconders" by the law enforcing agencies, an investigating committee of the Ministry of Commerce found this MLM enterprise guilty of fund embezzlement and suggested that legal measures should be taken by the respective ministries to recover the amount. The committee submitted its 410-page report on October 9, 2012. It suggested that legal measures should be taken by individual ministries to recover the huge amount of money embezzled by the group through 'illegal banking, tree planting and selling sub-standard products. Formed in February, the probe body had submitted reports at least on three occasions, but those were sent back by commerce secretary Ghulam Hossain, who is rumored to have been heavily compensated by the masterminds of the Destiny Group.

According to the submitted report, Destiny Multipurpose Cooperatives Society Limited amassed savings from 4.7 million members and invested those in its other sister concerns in violation of the law of the cooperative society. The committee said it did not find any trace of an amount equivalent to US$ 500 million, which is believed to have been smuggled out of the country by the masterminds of the Destiny Group.

One of the members of the investigating committee told Weekly Blitz that, it sees no minimum hope for refund of investments of those millions of people, who invested money into various enterprises of Destiny Group as major portion of the collected fund had already been drained out of Bangladesh and landed in foreign bank accounts of the Destiny Group masterminds.