Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mujib’s Seraj Sikder and Hasina’s Illias Ali: The Tragic Heroes of Bangladesh

When Mujib returned from Pakistan, his countryman welcomed him as their great hero, not knowing that the absentee leader during the nine months of war was returning to kill the infant democracy. Immediately after his return, Awami League leaders also gave him the title “father of the nation.”This was defying the public demand that Mawlana Bhasani, the spiritual leader of Bangladesh, a fatherly figure to Mujib and the leader of leaders be the father of the nation.

Soon after Mujib returned from Pakistan he signed the Indra Mujib 25 year agreement. People who resented were crushed. Extrajudicial killing and the practice of disappearance began. The looting and smuggling by Mujib’s favorites caused (what Amertya Sen called) “a man-made famine” which took the life of half a million people. In addition to this Mujib’s India lovers got deeply involved in Indian Congress syndicate’s connectivity plan in Bangladesh. During this time,one of the most famous leaders killed by Mujib’s Rakkhi bahini without any trial was Seraj Sikder. Mujib’s chaotic  three year and a half rule was attributed by Bangladesh observers as Fascism.

A tragic history was unfolded after Mujib imposed a one party rule in Bangladesh called BKSAL when he banned all the opposition newspapers, put leaders like Bhasani under house arrest.with economy in ruins, international observers found Mujib turned Bangladesh into ” a bottomless basket case.” In reaction to the misrule, Mujib was killed along with his family, the coup was led by Mostaque of Awami League with help from some former Bangladeshi freedom fighters in the army.

Hasina when first entering her political campaign, asked the nation for her father’s wrong doings and reverted BKSAL into Awami League. But in her second term in office, Hasina shows her devotion to Mujib’s rule. She reenacted Mujib as the father of the nation. A false history was written now saying that Mujib was assassinated for his attempt to establish a “Sonar Bangla.” High court judges now punish anybody criticizing Mujib’s rule. She also lately appointed district governors.

Among other things, Hasina without a national referendum, and defying the national sentiment gave India transit. She again like her father’s Rakhi bahini  lately using an Indian assassin group called “hundred crusaders” (reported in the media) The latest victim of these extra judicial killing is BNP’s central leader Illias Ali. The Sagar journalist couples were murdered previously in their rental home and the murderer, was sent abroad by the AL government with special visa.

After Seraj Sikder’s death, Mujib boosted in the national assembly saying, ” Where are you Seraj Sikder?”Hasina much wiser after her father’s death has not acknowledged yet that secret squads captured Illias Ali. While Mujib killed over 35 thousand in four years, Hasina’s figure is not yet over even 5 thousand in 3 years. But people and politicians are afraid that some of them might be the next target. Compared to Mujib’s time, there are miracles happening due to Hasina’s secret use of montra: In the Suranjitgate case while the driver of the car carrying Suranjit’s deputies and the money that discovered in the car on that night are now claimed by Suranjit gang to be jack fruit.  By Hasina’s magic the four eyewitnesses of the Illias abduction are also missing. Surprisingly Hasina’s law enforcers are looking for Illias Ali in Illias Ali’s home believing that BNP is hiding Illias ALi somewhere in his home. Hasina’s man have joined in the chores repeating that Illias Ali might also be the target of Jammat.

It is true, compared to Mujib’s 72-75 period, surely Hasina’s is not that alarming.  But t is now becoming clear that Hasina’s Awami League is dangerous enough whether in power or outside as the opposition party. It is showing the signs of fascism.

Despite some hope that there are still some good people in the Awami League, every indication shows that AWAMI LEAGUE IS NOT THE NAME OF A POLITICAL PARTY, IT IS THE NAME OF A MAFIA GROUP, THE LEADING BOSSES ARE CHOSEN FROM SHEIKH DYNASTY AND THE INDIAN RAW IS ITS KEEPER!

Bangladeshis in not understanding Mujib,the most powerful South Asian fascist, history repeats itself through Hasina.


BY : Abid Bahar.