Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tyranny of "Majority Rule" in Bangladesh

It's all about "broken PROMISES", deceits, betrayal and consequences!

The "Town Government" of Hamelin, Germany did not keep their promise, made to the Pied Piper that ended up with a painful tragedy to 132 minor children about 800 years ago. If not moral, it is always a Constitutional as well as mandated civic duty of all elected public representative to keep their promises. If and once had the Hamelin administration complied, the fates of 132 poor children would never end up in embracing miserable destiny, exactly the way they did.

Robert Browning enervated more intimidating spirits into, for taking lessons from "The Pied Piper of Hamelin".
"So, Willy, let you and me be wipers

Of scores out with all men -- especially pipers;

And, whether they pipe us free from rats or from mice,

If we've promised them aught, let us keep our promise".

Bangladesh is sinking everyday under a "Majority Rule" foreign run government. This hypnotized nation of 160 million sleep-walkers feel increasingly alienated from their (Hasina) government who "secured" democracy in her Head with bloods and an extremist vision in her heart, and is refusing to address nation's exigent problems. However, the tyranny of the "Majority Rule" is not "that's all" in Bangladesh those have been reigning and ruining all the fundamental norms of civilized democracy for almost 40 years now! Nation's trusts in its supreme politicians have been engulfed by the dangerous flames of inveterate lies, circular betrayal, defiant deceptions and false promises. Political fields in Bangladesh have become a breeding ground of hatred, vengeance against opposing political "enemies" those virtually transformed entire country into a precarious combat-zone like a War Field. It is equally strange and unusual to see that many of our national flag bearers of aggressive patriotism have also been defending all their lies and deceits from both Awami League and BNP chiefs. These individuals have mysteriously been allowing themselves to be manipulated by both Hasina and Khaleda as well as other powerful characters in national politics.

Multifarious show downs between Prime Minister Sk. Hasina and the opposition leader Begum Khaleda Zia (BNP) have been dumping more fuels into the crater of an erupting volcano. Churlish Hasina has fully mimicked almost all her father's egregious blunders including many of her own leading to much of the political predicament in which the nation finds her today. Their polemical attacks and counter-attacks on each other have plunged into a personal level assault battle, defying all norms and propriety of a national leadership position in a civilized democracy. Mustafizur Rahman, Executive Director of Center for the Policy Dialogue (CPD) said, "Politics of compromise and constructive engagement of the two major political forces is vital for Bangladesh but who cares for the national interest"?

It is important to recognize that we accept "Majority Rule" because we do not believe that it will threaten us in our private, family and public life and that we think of ourselves having the power and righteous "moral authority" of the majority. Majority-rule democracy has always rested on the conviction that if all the facts were clear, everyone could be made to see that there is only one right course of action, the people—and without this belief, it amounts to nothing other than the dictatorship of a group of tyrants exactly like in Bangladesh. All we need a democracy in which we are free from the mob rule of the majority as well as the ascendancy of the privileged class. In Bangladesh, the "Rule of Just and Equal Law" only protects the interests of the powerful few, those are engaged in the business of Politics, horse traders in the administrations but does not protect the poor citizens from injustice that simply created arena of corruptions, bribery, grafts, nepotism and violence. The Rights of the mostly poor are the very last thing to be protected by the "checks and balances" of Bangladesh democracy since the power is already reserved for those with the privilege to seize it. Our judiciary has also become a theater of clowns and pompous judges.

Mission of our Freedom and the teachings from 9 months united struggles during 1971 have long escaped from the "souls" of our nation's top leaderships. At this point, looks like we do not need to invite foreign enemies to destroy the structures of our democracy, our images to the international community and most importantly, our sovereignty at large. Circumstantial observations and field realities make it clear that we ourselves are devils enough in transforming this nation into a miserably failed institution! The tasty & feuding relationship between the 2 Pied Pipers of Bangladesh, especially Hasina and her "beneficiaries" are sending wrong signals to the most extreme elements of our society that perhaps violence would again become a justifiable response at some point. Just like, those were in the history of our past when the enemies of democracy got a bellyful of the political explosives.

So, what "good" did the so-called "Majority Rule" exactly deliver to this poor nation for last 41 years? Is there really anything good to say about, instead of biting each other and dividing a peace-loving nation?

Sadly, we have so far never tasted the flavor of a "civilized democracy" since its inception as a free nation; our democracy was first choked around its neck to death by our founding father Sk. Mujib himself with his declaration of "State of Emergency" on 25 January 1975. Mujib's pet Parliament then "democratically" amended the Constitution under State of Emergency, banning all opposition political parties and declaring Mujib the "President for life", giving him extraordinary administrative power! As its continuation, our Democracy of "Accountability and Transparency" fell into the "BLACK HOLES" of 2 splenetic political characters, Hasina and Khaleda 20/21 years ago and instantly vanished into nothingness since then.

Both these ego driven ladies have been running the country to the ground instead of running it. True patriotic elements should now come forward to rescue this failing nation before skidding down to a point no return.

"Road to Democracy in Bangladesh" now needs an alternative approach instead of a conventional one or the brasses of so-called "free and fair election". A sick nation must need the medicines of bad tastes and its democracy must come out through the barrels of guns like in Japan and in Germany after World War II. 

Nation simply can't effort giving out free rides any longer to this notorious bunch of thieves. The upcoming election, likely in November 2013 must be conducted under Emergency Role that would protect the security and freedom of choices of 160+ million citizens, prevent all political hegemony, deaths of innocent voters, secure a "free and fair" election and finally prevent the losing "Patriots" from digging for excuses of calling it a fraud election.

The President may consider calling the armed forces to crack down on all the "unruly and hostile patriots" in both AL/BNP camps those would attempt fomenting lawlessness, shall prevent them from hurting our law abiding citizens during their rancorous election campaign (for survival). If any untoward situation or development warrants, President could also consider dismissing the Care Taker Government, postponing the election indefinitely and declaring Martial law for 3 to 5 years or until the country becomes ready for a "free and fair" election. Politicians must understand that only the Care Taker Government alone can't secure a "free and fair" election unless political parties come up with open mind toward accomplishing that mission.

God doesn't give Hasina/Khaleda a position of authority to abuse and exploit it but to make their own nation better. Both of these incompetent political role models ran/ run Bangladesh from their own party holes only.

See, you can't sacrifice what you don't have! They, especially Hasina always hides her ugly face behind the huge billboards of patriotism and pro-liberation force to shine. I find both Hasina & Khaleda value-deprived buffoons with empty upper chambers. They will forever remain testaments to the stupidity, arrogance, greed and narrow mindedness in spurious Awami League/ BNP leadership along with their greedy lieutenants those shall also share the toasty quarters in the basement of the Hell of eternity (for unjustly depriving this poor nation).