Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Alien invasion of Bangladesh

Over the last few years, mysterious things started happening in Bangladesh. In absence of any earthly explanation of those incidents, informed people of Bangladesh are seriously concerned that the country is at the receiving end of an alien invasion.

The description of the following events will prove, beyond an iota of doubt in anybody’s mind, that a barrage of attack has been unleashed on the people of Bangladesh.

It first started with a kidnapping by aliens. The first notable victim of such kidnap was an elected official of Dhaka city local government Mr. Chowdhury Alam. Ever since he went missing from Dhaka nearly two years ago, he has never been seen again.

A closer look revealed that Mr. Alam was not the only one who has been kidnapped by aliens. Many young men, opposition activists, students from Sylhet and other areas also went missing. Except for one, none came back. The only lucky one, who could come back alive, sans all the memory of the time of confinement, was the son of a fiery religious figure Mr. Fazlul Haque Amini. It was not clear why the aliens let Mr. 

Hasnath, son of Maulana Amini let go. However, this event may make a strong case in support of the theory that aliens worship the same God and they had some soft corner for the pastor Mr. Amini.

Very soon, along with kidnappings, killings started to take place. This time another local government level leader of Dhaka city from the opposite political spectrum got killed very mysteriously. The aliens were so intrusive and invasive that they could easily penetrate inside the sport utility vehicle (SUV) of a powerful ruling party MP within the compound of Bangladesh’s national parliament building and kill one Mr. Ibrahim in point blank range.

Not only known faces like Ibrahim or Chowdhury Alam were being killed/ kidnapped in high profile places, mysterious killing started taking place in remote corners of Bangladesh like the Bay near Borguna, Joydevpur, Bhanga region of Faridpur district, Dhaleshwari River near Munshiganj district, Ashulia/ Kuril, Pabna etc.

However one of the most daring actions of the alien commando forces was that of Sanaullah Babu killing. Sanaullah Babu was another elected local government leader in a northern district called Natore. In this attack the aliens showed Hollywood’s Terminator 2 famed ‘T – 1000 the Nanomorph’ like ability to take other peoples’ shapes and looks. During this event, which was widely recorded by multiple video cameras, the aliens took the shape and look of many ruling party members of that district. Specifically, the lead killer took the shape of a popular local Awami League leader Zakir.

Similarly got killed another local government leader, again this time from the opposite political base, Mr. Lokman Hossain.

The aliens did not stop at killing political activists and local government leaders only. An influential couple — a senior TV news editor and the other a TV journalist — was stabbed to death inside their apartment bedroom. The government could not give any earthly explanation of this gruesome murder – making it one of the highest profile cases of the series of mindless alien assassinations taking place in Bangladesh.

Within a very short interval, the aliens, without any known reason, abducted a diplomat of Saudi Arabia stationed in Dhaka, Bangladesh and killed him in a highly professional manner. This specific killing heralds a new front of attack unleashed by the aliens. The clever war planners of the alien empire knew it very well that killing of a Saudi diplomat in Bangladesh may seriously weaken the position of Bangladeshi migrant labours in Saudi Arabia and harm Bangladesh economically. So it seems the aliens are hell-bent on destroying Bangladesh economically as well.

Another recent incident involving the invading alien force in Bangladesh resembles robbery of Fort Knox. This time the aliens looted a big chunk of money (70 lakh taka to be precise) from within the car heading to the home of a powerful minister of Bangladesh. And this brazen loot took place within the highly fortified compound of a paramilitary force of Bangladesh. This specific operation suggests two things, first, the growing confidence of the aliens in hitting anyone at any place anytime in Bangladesh and, secondly, their need for cash. The money has not been located ever since.

And while this piece was being processed for press, the aliens striked again. In a blood chilling raid at the middle of busy upscale business and residential district of Dhaka, the aliens abducted a senior political figure, the organising secretary of main opposition political party and an ex-member of parliament from north eastern Sylhet district, Mr. Ilias Ali. The raid was so sophisticated and technically advanced that Mr. Ilias Ali and his driver, simply vanished. Their empty car was found abandoned roadside. Hundreds of witness living in nearby apartments, CC TV of government security agencies could not provide any clue of the abduction.

Ever since this abduction, the whole nation is living in intense fear. Everybody has the same question in mind, what will be the next mode of alien attack and who is the next victim.

BY :  Rumi Ahmed.