Friday, February 17, 2012

Indian hackers planning new offensives on Bangladeshi sites

While more than 26,000 Indian sites have been hacked by the Black Hat Hackers and their international supporting cooperating forces, Indian hackers are reported taking preparation for making a fresh attack on Bangladeshi sites within next 72 hours. It is learnt from various sources that, Indian hackers this time may try hacking into websites of Bangladeshi financial institutions as well as online banking system. They also are targeting websites of Bangladesh Police, Rapid Action Battalion and Bangladesh Armed Forces. Meanwhile Bangladeshi hackers have penetrated into more than 27 websites of various departments of Andhra Pradesh on late hours of Thursday. The hackers broke into one of the government servers and hacked those websites. The websites which were hacked include those of departments of commercial taxes, general administration department, horticulture, factories, gazette notifications and government orders.

The Indian officials said the hackers did not deface the pages or steal the information but only added additional pages with their message. State Information Technology Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah said there was no loss of data. He told reporters that one of the 50 government servers was hacked and 27 websites supported by the server were affected. Indian government denied reports that the data relating to the state budget was stolen. The officials said none of the websites had data relating to 2012-13 budgets, which is to be presented in the state legislature Friday. Finance Minister Anam Ramnarayan Reddy denied that the website of finance department was hacked. He denied that the budget was leaked. The minister said the budget would be posted on the website only after it was presented in the budget.

Meanwhile as retaliation of India's silence in protecting the Israeli diplomats in New Delhi who were recently attacked, an Israeli hacker group named who got by name IDF-TEAM has already extended support towards Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers. While Indian authorities are in greatest ever threat following the continuous hacking of their sites, it is learnt from various sources that, Indian intelligence has already warned the government of a "severe offensive" on their air traffic control system, which may cause "devastating fate for the airlines operating within Indian airports". Indian intelligence think, in case of such offensives by the Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers and its international supporters, India's aviation industry will witness worst ever fate with possible death of hundreds of people. Sensing such threat from the Bangladeshi hackers, a team of Indian cyber specialists as well as members of the "Cyber Crime Prevention Team" and "Central Bureau of Investigation" has secretly arrived in Bangladesh on Thursday evening. This team came under various camouflages of businessmen and tourists. But a highly placed source hinted to Weekly Blitz that, Bangladeshi high commission in New Delhi, Tariq Karim as well as the foreign minister are fully aware of the arrival of these people, who will start working in identifying "strategic information" on the Bangladeshi hackers. The foreign ministry as well as telecommunication ministry are going to give "silent directives" to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission [BTRC] and Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited [BTCL] to "extend all out cooperation" to the Indian team. Some of the Bangladeshi IT experts are also reportedly collaborating with Indian authorities in identifying the information of the Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers or its international partners. Front-ranking Bangladeshi IT expert Mustafa Jabbar recently said, "Hacking into Indian sites would bring dire consequence to Bangladesh". It is also learnt that a leading private television channel in Bangladesh, which has collaboration contract with an Indian TV channel is also going to start massive campaign against Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers and its international partners. Such initiative of this channel was taken following specific request from New Delhi as well as some of the members of Indian intelligence network.

A group of alleged Bangladeshi hackers named 'Black Hat Hackers' and their counterparts such as Anonymous and others from a number of countries including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates have already taken more than 26,000 websites in India, which includes some of the important sites such as the website of the Border Security Forces [BSF] etc. It is also learnt that Indian hackers have already hacked into five websites of various ministries in Bangladesh and are now making frantic bid in hacking into the sites of Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited [BTCL] as well as some other key websites. According to the alleged Bangladeshi hacker announcement on various social networking sites, the cyber war is continuing in protest of severe brutality and murder of Border Security Forces [BSF] on India on Bangladeshi civilians for decades. Chief of categorically ruled out the possibility of stopping such notoriety though Indian Home Minister as well as the Prime Minister made number of false promises assuring Bangladeshi government of stopping any form of acts by BSF which goes against basic norms of human rights as well as responsibility towards any neighboring country. Bangladeshi government did not confront such statement of the BSF chief. Though it was already reported in the media that hackers from Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates are cooperating with the Bangladeshi hackers, it is also learnt that, several hacker groups from China, Sri Lanka, CIS countries and few nations in the West have also joined hands with the Bangladeshi side. It is even assumed that hackers from some of the African countries may also join the Bangladeshi side in days. Bangladesh hackers are even trying to hack into Indian aviation and naval sites, which may cause severe damage to the country, if the hackers are successful in hacking into any of them even for some minutes. In similar way, account in Indian banks may be totally garbled by the hackers causing serious problem to Indian financial institutions.