Sunday, February 12, 2012

Full Scale Cyber War Against India Begins

As this report is being made, the largest ever strike by the Bangladeshis is underway against its 'aggressor' neighbor India, the border guard of which murdered over 1,100 Bangladeshis in the last decade and counting.

Neutral data websites show over 10,000 Indian websites to have come under instantly irreparable attacks by the Bangladeshis in last few days, in face of which some 200 Bangladeshi sites, including many government websites, where knocked off by the Indian counterparts.

The Indian retaliation, though inferior, reportedly began at midnight on Sunday, Bangladeshi hackers said.

The Bangladeshi cyber troops, organized as Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers so far, have messaged the country's news outlets that it has been receiving outrageous support from a number of international hacking groups.

Here are the rough lists of the Bangladeshi websites and the Indian websites, knocked off by their adversary cyber attackers.

Reports read that an Indonesian hacker, not confirmed whether is an individual or a group, has come forward to fight with the Bangladeshis and became responsible for some thousands of Indian websites to go off in the morning on Sunday.

Another Bangladeshi hacker is found messaging that his co-fighters were on their way to form a combined group, called 'Bangladesh Cyber Army'.

Support from the 'Anonymous'

A news website reports quoting one of the hackers, contacts were made with the globally acclaimed hacking group 'Anonymous', which recognizes India's behaviours with Bangladesh as violent and aggressive.

"A top 'Anonymous' figure has pledged to provide support, though did not speak on directly involving in the attack against India", a Bangladeshi hacker said as the website quoted.

'Anonymous' gained international acclaim after it knocked off a number of US Government websites, including that of The White House, Justice Department, Ministry of Defence, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), US Congress etc. in support of the anti-SOPA-PIPA movement.

Some 25 million people in Bangladesh, a country home to over 150 million people, are thought to have direct or mobile internet accesses.

BY : Bangladesh first.