Wednesday, February 22, 2012

7 crazy sex facts about the Prince of Brunei

If you had trillions of dollars, your own country and not much to do, things must get really boring. That's one way to rationalize why Prince Jefri of Brunei commissioned a pair of sexually active statues built in his and his fiancee's likeness. (Scroll though the photos here.) The Sultan of Brunei's brother is famous for being a perverse Richie Rich. And his reckless sexually motivated spending habits are the reason the photos of these statues are coming to light. They're part of evidence in his long running court case with his former business advisors. Despite his pleas with the judge to keep the photos of the statues private, the evidence was released to the public today. And we can't get enough of them.

First of all, the statue of Jefri looks more like a former member of 98 degrees. Secondly, the artist earned close to $1 million for his work. Thirdly: Jefri wants a mustache added to the male statue.

This all may seem shocking to those who haven't followed his exploits in the past. But if you look at the Prince of Brunei's history of alleged sexual expenses, it's hard to believe it took him this long to commission those life-sized sex dolls.
  • Here's a look back at the highlights:
  • He named his yacht S.S Tits.
  • He keeps a harem of around 40 women, paying as much as $20k for two week stints arranged through his team of "casting" associates.
  • He purchased several sculptured fountain pens featuring nude women on the lid and nude men on the barrel. Guess what happens when you put them together? Ecstasy--if you're into pens.
  • He also owned a collection of 10 watches worth about 5 million Swiss Francs. Here's why: the design on the face of clock features a couple who mechanically copulate, every hour on the hour.
  • He's been accused of purchasing up to 50 so-called "prostitute palaces" for the express purpose of orgy and karaoke parties with women flown in from around the world.