Sunday, January 8, 2012

MP's alleged assault report in

The committee assigned to probe Awami League MP Kamal Ahmed Majumder's alleged assault on a journalist has submitted its report to the education ministry.

Confirming the submission, education secretary Kamal Abdul Naser Choudhury on Sunday told reporters, "Punitive action will be taken against the accused after scrutinising the report."

He also said there are allegations that private schools are not following admission rules. "Action will be taken against those schools after the relevant committee submits its report."

Asked what sort of actions would be taken, he said, "Measures will be taken giving priority to the interests of the students including cancellation of their MPOs."

Probe committee convenor Prof Noman-ur-Rashid, also the director general of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, told that the report was finalised after talking to both parties.

Although he said that the report had been made prioritising the Right to Information Act, Noman declined to speak about the report's recommendations.

But he mentioned that the probe report on the private schools that are not abiding by the rules would be submitted very soon

On Jan 3, allegations of assaulting private TV channel, RTV's staff reporter Aparna Singha at the capital's Manipur High School were brought against ruling party lawmaker Kamal Ahmed Majumder.

The MP, however, has already denied the allegation saying he 'only pushed aside' the reporter when he went to the school to attend a meeting with the guardians.

Singha had gone to the school that day to investigate allegations that the school was charging extra fees for admission.

Following the incident, the education ministry formed the three-member committee the same day to look into the matter.