Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mirpur MP 'manhandles' journalist

Ruling Awami League MP Kamal Ahmed Majumder allegedly beat up a journalist at Monipur High School in the city's Mirpur on Tuesday.

Private TV channel RTV said Majumder attacked their staff reporter Aparna Singha who went to the school in the morning to make a report on an allegation of charging extra fees for admission.

The MP, however, denied the allegation saying he 'only pushed aside' the reporter.

Guardians of Monipur High School students had been protesting against a decision to charge Tk 20,000 for development fees beside the government-fixed Tk 5,000 admission fees, RTV joint news editor Aktar Hossain said.

Majumder was scheduled to discuss the issue with the guardians in the morning, he added.

"Aparna Singha tried to interview Kamal Majumder when he went to the school. The MP pushed aside our reporter that time. At one stage, he assaulted her," Aktar said.

He said Majumder swore at Aparna.

Another RTV reporter Osman Gani Babul, who witnessed the incident, said Aparna received injury in her hand because of the 'beating'.

Majumder told, "When I went to join the meeting with the guardians, the RTV reporter told the cameraman, 'Take picture of that guy.' I only pushed her aside. Why should I beat her?"

"The reporter threatened the headmaster of the school after she entered a classroom without permission," he said.

Mirpur Police Station officer-in-charge Qazi Wazed Ali said they went to the spot hearing the incident. "The situation is calm now," he added.