Saturday, December 10, 2011

Salda starts feeding national grid

The national grid has been augmented with a daily supply of 25 million cubic feet (CFT) of gas from a new dug well.

Chittagong's industries and fertiliser factories would get most of the gas, extracted from the well in Brahmanbaria's Salda gas field, Petrobangla chairman Hosain Mansur said on Saturday.

The addition to the grid is one-eighth the country's present gas production level. Before Salda began production the country's gas wells supplied 2 billion cubic feet against a demand of 2.5 billion CFT.

Locals of Kasba, where the gas field is located, have been demanding that the gas be supplied to their area.

But junior energy minister Enamul Haque had told that gas from Salda would be supplied through the national grid, and will be prioritised "on the basis of national demand".

He had said there was "no scope of considering the protesters' demands", while the protesters have vowed to continue their movement.

The state-owned Bapex started digging new wells in the field in July this year. With Salda in operation, there will be 80 active wells in the country.

A fourth well is being dug at the Fenchuganj gas field in Sylhet, Salda-Fenchuganj Gas-filed Development Project chief Mohammad Shabuddin said.

"That well may give us a 35-million cubic feet daily output," he said.