Tuesday, December 6, 2011

'Report On Teesta Later This Month'

The Kalyan Rudra Commission, set up by West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee to find out an 'acceptable' solution to the Teesta water issue, will submit its report by the end of this month, an Indian daily says, quoting the commission head.

"I have been appointed by the chief minister to advise her on the issue, and I am working on a solution based on science, which should be mutually acceptable and I hope it will satisfy both the countries," river expert Rudra told The Indian Express on Wednesday.

"There is still some research to be made and I hope I can submit the report by the end of this month,'' he added.

Mamata gave Rudra the duty to find out a solution to the Teesta water issue on Nov 15.
Signing of a deal for water sharing of the common river hit a snag during prime minister Manmohan Singh's Sep 6-7 visit to Bangladesh due to Mamata's opposition. In response, Bangladesh denied exchanging a letter of consent on transit.

The West Bengal chief minister argued that she had not been shown the draft of the Teesta treaty. As the water of Teesta is important for the Indian state, too, Singh did not sign the treaty finally.

Media of the two neighbouring countries criticised the role of India in improving ties with Bangladesh. Singh termed 'unfortunate' India's inability to sign the accord.

In a meeting with Mamata on her way back from a regional conference in India last month, Bangladesh foreign minister Dipu Moni said she would accept proposals by the Kalyan Rudra Commission.

Mamata said the deal would be signed after securing the two countries' interests.