Sunday, December 11, 2011

Khaleda to BBC: Tarique won’t return before full recovery

Chairperson Khaleda Zia on Sunday said her eldest son Tarique Rahman, who is receiving medical treatment in London, would not return home till his complete recovery. 

Khaleda, also the leader of the opposition, said Tarique’s spinal cord was damaged during severe torture inflicted on him while in custody during the army-backed caretaker government (2007-8).

In a telephonic interview with the BBC Bangla service, Khaleda spoke freely on her party’s policy and position on major national issues, like trial of war criminals, return of Tarique, also the party’s senior vice chairman, to Bangladesh for directly involving in BNP politics and Indian move to construct the controversial Tipaimukh dam across the border.

On Tipaimukh issue, Khaleda said she could not be satisfied with the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s assurance that the Tipaimukh Dam project would not cause any adverse impact on Bangladesh. She demanded that there should be a joint survey of the project by experts of both Bangladesh and India.

Responding to a question on ruling party’s allegations that BNP was siding with a specific party (Jamaat-e-Islami) on the question of trial of war criminals, Khaleda said she was for total transparency in the process of trial of war crimes.

“We are not taking any side. We also want trial of war crimes. But the trial has to be of international standard.”